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Relocation to Portugal optimize taxation

Crypto investors desk

  • We compile an individual profile for each client, in order to sort out future tax liabilities, in whart regards to cryto currency and crypto investments. Our comprehensive service includes international tax planning for both individuals and corporations.

  • we help you to use your currencies and to establish in portugal to benefit from the tax exemptions that are now in force for the Crypto holders. Get in touch for more info. 


  • We negotiate with the local tax authorities to determine your individual tax status (e.g. ten year exemption, tax benefits, etc.)

  • In light of the above we normally are able to predict your tax liabilities with a high degree of accuracy. It's not our policy to go for nil taxation but to achieve a reasonable tax burden.

  • Tax compliance and tax advice

  • Our office takes care of all your tax returns, and other formalities.

  • We review your assessments and intervene to protect your interests whenever necessary. We assist your asset managers to optimise the structure of your investments, with the goal of keeping your taxes at reasonable level.

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